Review of related literature on mother tongue influence

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Italian literature

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English language

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Effects of Mother Tongue Interference in the Study of English Language in Secondary Schools

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A review of the factors most often examined in SLA is then presented, with a how learners learn an additional language after they have acquired their mother tongue” (p. 5) – the following needs consideration.

Analysis of the Influence of Mother Tongue on Students’ Performance in English in KCSE in Public Day Secondary Schools in Gatundu District, Kiambu County, Kenya JULIUS ANGOLI ATETWE. Hart cited in Bell () In Hart’s view, ‘the review is therefore a part of your academic development – of becoming an expert in the field’ In order to situate and acquire an understanding of the study of the impact of mother tongues in the learning of English language are provided some aspects contextualised to the topic.

Arab learners' mother tongue influence on target language (English) is a very usual and well-known phenomenon in schools and universities.

The present study attempts to find and analyze phonological, morphological and syntactical influences of. European Journal of English Language, Linguistics and Literature Vol.

3 No. 2, ISSN ISSN Progressive Academic Publishing, UK Page 46 The present study examines the influence of mother tongue over learning a foreign language.

Related Literature About Mother Tongue Reflection Essay After reading the article “Mother Tongue”, I started interesting in Asian Immigration problem especially Chinese immigrants The first generations of Chinese and Japanese immigrants were coming to the United States for mining gold, farming and railroad in the early of 19th century.

Review of related literature on mother tongue influence
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